Monday, May 17, 2010

Ayam Goreng Kunyit

After eating nasi putih with ayam masak kunyit from kedai, i wanted to try to do some at home. So here are the recipe of Ayam Goreng Kunyit.

Chicken Breast cut into dice and coat with tumeric

3 big sized red onion
2 garlic
Cili Merah

Long Beans
Tumeric powder
Chicken Cube
Salt to taste


1. Goreng chicken cubes dalam api kuat dan selepas chicken telah dimasukkan, perlahankan api. And fry until golden brown and a lil crispy. Set aside.

2. Fry the onion and garlic together with the chillies. Add in the long beans, carrots, and cauliflower. Pour in some water to make cooking the veges a lil easier.

3. Once the veges are almost cooked, add in the fried chicken. Mix it well and add the 1/8 of the chicken cube, salt to taste and a few small spoons of the tumeric powder for kick. Gaul skit and voila - serve la utk di makan.

I think something is missing from the taste - maybe it is not too kunyit-y. Perhaps there ia a special ingredient that i did not add. But then it was still a meal to enjoy. Of course only one meal for dinner will not be enough. So we ended up having omelette and fried sardines plus kicap as pemanis rasa. Yum.



chegu said...

sardines tu if you masak with air asam jawa, daun limau purut, bwg besar, n cili api.. plus kicap.. meletop!!! EnKamal suka.

Omelette i suka campur with kacang panjang, cili, bawang, tomato n a bit of cheese... and instead of flipping it over, i bakar in the oven.. naik fluffy

Anonymous said...

bila makan sardin?

saya makan smalam...
sardin + kicap tamin + kepingan kubis fresh = ~burppppp..kenyang ketika berbuka;p~


Mursapap said...

Chegu: Sardine tu i masak mcm u jugak except without daun limau purut. Kicap and sardines adalah wajid kan.

Omelette mmg tak pernah try ur recipe. I will definitely try. Cheese ape u pakai chegu.

Zamie: Saya makan ni last Friday kot. Tak ingat. Kubis raw adalah sedap!!

chegu said...

but please be warned ya.. that cabbage is known to slow down metabolic rate..

MrAR said...

ooooo..patutlah..erm..what is known to enhance metabolic rate?..haruslah perkara makanan yg tidak disukai ni..haha

chegu said...

enhance metabolic rate senang je.. Cili! Makan la pedas byk! eheh

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Did you make this recipes by your self, it's great and looks delicious.

Eny Yusof said...

Beb, you've got award from me. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

I love ayam goreng kunyit.Thank you for sharing the recipe.